Buyer’s Agent


  1. BECOME A SELLER – selling your home is a very emotional process, start viewing your home as an investment and a business transaction!
  2. HIRE THE RIGHT AGENT – ask for a referral of a great agent in the area, one that will be available to walk you through the process step by step, and knows the area
  3. PRICE IT RIGHT – depending on the market and strategy of your agent. The market will always help to determine your value.
  4. DEPERSONALIZE – put away your family photos, you don’t want to distract any potential buyers who would like to visualize this as their home!
  5. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE THE ONLY IMRPESSIONS – this will make or break a buyer’s opinion of you home. Keep your home bright, clean and smelling great!
  7. KITCHEN’S SELL – this is the heart of the home! If you need to upgrade this is the place to do it – kitchens will usually produce 1.5 times the money spent on the value!
  8. HALF EMPTY CLOSETS – showcase how much space is in your closets and cabinets by clearing out old clothes, toys, etc.
  9. LIGHT IT UP – turn those lights and lamps on, open the blinds